Flamma Honkai - China

Flamma Honkai is our production plant. The production plant is based in the new chemical industrial zone of Songmudao, Dalian, Liaoning, China. This facility was revamped and refurbished in 2013 in response to our dedication to provide quality intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for internal use in our Italian cGMP facilities. These compounds have included RSMs, important starting materials and advanced building blocks. The new cGMP workshop was opened in July 2017.

Dalian Honkai statistics:

Overall capacity of 200 m3 [100 m3 (cGMP) + 100 m3 (non-cGMP)]

New workshop (cGMP):

14 reactor vessels from (5,000L; 9 Glass lined)

Data recorded by PLC

3 Centrifuges

4 Dryers

  * Filter dryer

  * Paddle dryer

  * Double cone dryer

  * Agitated vertical dryer (single cone)


First workshop (non-cGMP):

25 reactor vessels from (1,000 to 6,000 L; 20 Glass lined)

Pilot plant: 6 reactor vessels (100 L to 500 L)

Data recorded by PLC; 3 vessels fully thermo regulated

7 Centrifuges

5 Dryers (3 conical dryers, 2 tray dryers)

2 Fine distillation towers 6 m (150 mm) and 12 m (400 mm)

Nitrogen generators (60 m3/H)

Temperature range: -50°C to 260°C

200 m3 tank farm

22 reactor vessels from1,000 to 6,000 L; (18 Glasslined)


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