Flamma Honkai in Dalian, China

Flamma Honkai is located outside of Dalian, China in the chemical industrial zone of Songmudao. In June 2017, Flamma Honkai opened their new cGMP workshop as well as their new R&D/administration building. Flamma is committed to providing customers what they desire- a trustworthy partner in China.

Dalian Honkai statistics:

Overall capacity of 200 m3 [100 m3 (cGMP) + 100 m3 (non-cGMP)]

New workshop (cGMP):

14 reactor vessels from (5,000L; 9 Glass lined)

Data recorded by PLC

3 Centrifuges

4 Dryers

  * Filter dryer

  * Paddle dryer

  * Double cone dryer

  * Agitated vertical dryer (single cone)


First workshop (non-cGMP):

25 reactor vessels from (1,000 to 6,000 L; 20 Glass lined)

Pilot plant: 6 reactor vessels (100 L to 500 L)

Data recorded by PLC; 3 vessels fully thermo regulated

7 Centrifuges

5 Dryers (3 conical dryers, 2 tray dryers)

2 Fine distillation towers 6 m (150 mm) and 12 m (400 mm)

Nitrogen generators (60 m3/H)

Temperature range: -50°C to 260°C

200 m3 tank farm

22 reactor vessels from1,000 to 6,000 L; (18 Glasslined)


Our R&D labs are located on the same campus and provide our customers another option. Those who are looking for rapid research on important compounds and need muti-kilos often choose to work at Flamma Honkai. Our R&D team also develops new products for Flamma product list as well as new, more economical processes for existing customers and Flamma products. We can take advantage of our cGMP kilo lab if necessary.

Meanwhile, Flamma Honkai can produce materials in the 100's of kg to MT's of materials as required. These typically include RSMs, NCEs, and advanced intermediates that require further elaboration depending on the synthetic scheme.

For those who are leery of working in China, Flamma Honkai provides the security of constant Italian management & oversight. It is like having an Italian facility in China. A fully integrated supply chain is possible with Flamma by using Italy & China together.

As mentioned earlier, Flamma Honkai is located within the Songmudao Chemical Park outside of Dalian.

This is the only chemical park in province of Liaoning.

The Jinpu New District was awarded a prestigious Special Development Status (similar to the Pudong New Area near Shanghai) from the central government. The goal is to boost industry and development in the area.


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