Chignolo d'Isola, Bergamo - Italy

Flamma built our modern, state of the art facility 1998. Flamma continues to upgrade and improve the facility in order to meet our customer's demands. The facility is regularly inspected by regulatory agencies (FDA, Italian Ministry of Health- AIFA) as well as customers. Recent upgrades include the addition of a Validation lab, a High Containment lab (to handle genotoxic materials to OEB 4), and a Process Improvment/Troubleshooting lab.

This cGMP production facility is monitored and coordinated by a computer assisted system.

Flamma Plant panorama

Production capacity (total 120 m3)

Julia/Claudia - workshops

12 stainless steel reactors, from 1500 L to 6000 L

9 glass-lined reactors, from 1000 L to 8000 L

3 dryers (tray, paddle)

7 Centrifuges

Jolie/Michelle - API production

3 stainless steel reactors, from 2500 L to 6000 L

3 glass-lined reactors, from 2500 L to 8000 L

2 Centrifuges

2 Conic dryers 2.5 m3

Drying press filter 2.5 m2  and 1.5 m2

Italy vessels 2 Italy pipes

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