Production In Italy and/or China

Flamma has various options to help you make the necessary decisions when it comes to placement of a project. Custom manufacturing can be accomplished at our facilities in Italy and/or China.

Flamma Italy and Flamma Isso provide a total capacity of 250 m3 between two sites with reactor vessels ranging from 1,500 to 8,000 L (~400 to ~2,100 gal) and the ability to make cGMP materials.

Italy vessels

Our Flamma Honkai facilities allow for the cGMP or non-cGMP production of materials with a total capacity of 200 m3 (100 m3 cGMP + 100 m3 non-cGMP). Reactor vessels range from 1,000 to 6,000 L (~265 gal to 1,585 gal).

DH plant inside   DH plant


For those who are leery of working in China, Flamma Honkai provides the security of constant Italian management & oversight. It is like having an Italian facility in China. A fully integrated supply chain is possible with Flamma by using Italy & China together.

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