cGMP Production Plant (Italy)

Our Production Plant was originally built in 1994 but was upgraded in 2007. The addition led to a new department dedicated to the last steps invovled in the production and drying of API. This facility is one of the most modern facilities in Italy.

Plant Italy small

Our facility is regulary inspected by regulatory agencies (FDA, Italian Ministry of Health -AIFA) as well as customers. With a capacity of ~120 m3 and 26 reactor vessels ranging from 3,000 L to 8,000 L (~800 gal to ~2,100 gal) to choose from, Flamma is well equipped to move any size project forward.


The addition of Flamma Isso doubles Flamma’s production capacity in Italy from 120 m3 to 250 m3 thus giving Flamma more flexibility for their current and future customers.

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