Our Values - Code of Ethics

Since the foundation of Fabbrica Lombarda Amino Acidi, in 1950, Dr. Marco Maria Negrisoli, a physician, and his wife, Drsa Edmea Kullmann, a chemist, infused into FLAMMA not only their passion for chemistry but also, above all else, very strong principles of ethics and great humanity.

Many years have passed since the beginning; the world and our society have changed, yet these principles remain unaltered and are still the cornerstone of FLAMMA’s activity and development. At FLAMMA, we work hard every day by pushing forward research while being innovative and producing products for our customers all the while being innovative and always striving for excellence. Flamma is aware of the positive contribution that our business brings forth towards society on a global level.

The present Code of Ethics is the sum of the principles applied in our company since it was founded. It contains our commitment to respect rules and our aspirations in terms of values and behavior.

All of our employees, as well as our suppliers of products and services, our customers and, in general, all those we relate to, must be aware of these objectives and of our Code of Ethics. In addition to being a guideline for our actions, the Code of Ethics is also a tool to help us communicate and achieve these goals.

This Code of Ethics is also the common thread that unites our collaborators all over the world.

For this reason, we hope that this Code of Ethics is of interest to you and we want to thank you for the assistance you will provide us in respecting its principles.

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