Business Model

The Flamma Group has made the decision to become fully integrated. In achieving this, Flamma is able to provide service from start to finish. This can start by leveraging our assets in China in order to remain competitive in today’s pharmaceutical marketplace. Coupled with our western management of eastern resources, Flamma can take advantage of our experience at our Italian facility to bring high quality, high value products to customers.

Flamma believes in transparency and open communication. The goal of any project is to establish a team environment and work with our customers as an extension of their organization to move projects quickly to their completion. With this type of relationship, confidentiality is critical and Flamma is respectful of this. Customer satisfaction is a priority, not just a saying, at Flamma.

Case study #1

Project: Adv. intermediate (6 step synthesis; tech package not optimized)

Request: multi-kilo amounts of material within 3-9 months


30 kg      delivered in 3 months

500 kg    delivered in 6 months

1,500 kg   delivered in 9 months

Overall yield: 52% versus 15 % in the tech package.

Case study #2

Project: NCE (10 step synthesis; tech package not optimized)

Request: 500 g non-cGMP followed by multi-kilo cGMP material


500 g non-cGMP material for tox studies

Delivered in 3 months

5 kg cGMP batch for toxicology and phase I/II clinical evaluations

Delivered in 7 months with CMC documentation

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