Safety Health Environment (HSE)

Management and Responsibility: we actively manage HSE as an integral part of our businesses, operations and practices.

Environment and People: we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and business practices. We continue to maintain a safe workplace environment for our employees and provide the necessary information and training to achieve this.

Continual Improvement: we monitor our SHE performance with specific indicators. We promote actions to increase the ecological efficiency of our investments.

Responsible Care: we participate in the Responsible Care Program. The Responsible Care Program is a voluntary global initiative in the Chemical Industry to ensure continuous improvements in all aspects of safety health protection and the environment as well as complete transparency in communications relating to its activities and achievements.

Enviroment Health and Safety Policy
Politica Sicurezza Ambientale


Companies that adopt the program publicly commit themselves to dedicating the efforts and resources necessary for the responsible management of their products, from cradle to grave, i.e. for the entire product cycle: Research, development, presentation, manufacture, transport, storage, processing, distribution, use and final elimination.

The most important chemical manufacturing and distributing companies from around the world have signed up to the Responsible Care program.

Flamma joined the program with the belief in its importance and the similarity between the values of Flamma and the principles incorporated by the program.

As part of the Program, we strive to improve:

  • Employee health and safety
  • Process safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Product distribution
  • Product stewardship
  • Community Awareness and Emergency Response

The interest and efforts of Flamma to protect its employees, clients, the general public and the environment is reinforced by the implementation of this public commitment to permanent improvement.

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