FLAMMA’s mission is to fulfill customer needs, in terms of products and services to ensure their competitive position in an evolving worldwide marketplace.

With a skilled team and investments in new technologies, Flamma has defined its areas of interest. Those include:

  • the research and production of chiral materials (including high value Amino Acids and derivatives thereof)
  • the research and production of APIs
  • contract manufacturing to provide the process development of new compounds.

Our strategy is supported by the availability of equipments and teams ready for:

  • lab scale syntheses development
  • pilot scale development
  • industrial scaling up
  • research of new methods
  • research for new products

Our goals are:

  1. to satisfy customer needs by contributing to improvements in their competitive positions with technologically advanced high-quality products and ascertain the highest levels of service.
  2. to guarantee a motivating and efficient working environment for our human resources with equal opportunities for personal development and fair recognition of individual abilities and contribution.
  3. to steer our technological development towards ever more eco-friendly productions which are safer for workers and increasingly efficient both in terms of costs and the use of natural resources.
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